Thursday, April 28, 2011

Karl G. Maser

Ah, I was just thinking how I should explain what my picture is up at the top. I did a photo-shoot with my RA/friend Lauren Merkley and we decided that rolling around on the grass would be cute. It totally was. The coolest part about our shoot in front of the Maser building is that essentially I am named after Karl G. Maser! My grandpa's dad was a friend of Mr. Maser and named my great uncle after him, Karl A. Seely. My mother, my grandpa's second daughter, was named after her uncle Karl, hence Karla (Karl A smooshed together is Karla, get it?). When I was born my mom was going to name me Arielle but The Little Mermaid was supposed to come out in a few years and she didn't want to name me after a fish so, like her name and like her mother's name she put a K in front of Arielle and that is how I became KariElle; after a long list of Ks with the beginning being Brother Karl G. Maser. Cool, huh?

The 'e' is capitalized in the middle of my name because my mom liked Elle magazine and it means girl in French.

Last Post

Matt is going to the Czech Republic for his mission and leaves in 4 days!
Edison flew up to Utah to drive back with me to Arizona! What a good sister.
I'm gonna miss the Colony boys a ton! They were a huge part of my Sophomore year and these are a few of them. Cousin Scott is in the orange, Boise nation of course.

Well, this is my last post. I'm going to have a mission blog after today to document what kind of mission stuff I'm doing and my thoughts and all that. Plus I have a new email and every time I post here I have to go through the whole ordeal where I log out just to log back in. It's unexpectedly frustrating.

Man, what do I write about on the last post of my most favorite blog? I have two others, did you know? One with my BYUSA presidency and another for my BYUSA journal reflections on leadership. I like blogging and wish I kept it up more but the whole logging in process takes .45 seconds too long and has deterred me from posting haha. Pathetic but true.

I'm outside in the beautiful Arizona weather, 78 degrees at 11 in the morning, listening to my Cat Stevens Pandora station. It's so chill and wonderful and relaxing and peaceful. The only thing that would make this even better is if I had ran already this morning so that I could justify taking a lazy morning nap.

I think that I'll wrap this up by mentioning that after all this time blogging:
1) BYU is the best decision about college I've ever made.
2) BYUSA is the second best decision about college I've ever made.
3) Living on my own is a way better than living at home (I love that I get to be with my family though).
4) I'm going on a mission.
5) I'm proud of myself for not letting my boy-crazyness get the better of me. I've yet to seriously like a boy who likes me back and haven't wasted my time or done stupid stuff as a result.
6) It's important to not worry about what I can't control and simply trust God.
7) I really love music because it's fun and wish I could play the piano. So I'm teaching myself.
8) It's important that I learn from my mistakes and not judge others as if they've been where I've been.
9) Exercising and eating healthy really are important and crucial aspects of a productive, positive day and I'm trying be better at living that way.
10) I am confident in who I am and love my life so thanks for participating!
11) I still can't spell after 20 years... thanks goes out to SpellCheck too, ha

PS, I'll post the link to my new blog when I create it. =D

oooh but I have to document the funniest day Matt and I had on Monday hahha. I picked him up around 10 that morning and the first thing he said was, "so, is it just gonna be one of those days today?" and I said, "a super great one? yeah, it is!" and we laughed but had no idea that it really was going to be one of those days...

Yogurtland was our first stop and it was closed so we went to Sports Authority to play around. We each putted 3 holes and 2/3 of mine stopped right at the edge!! How does that happen? He made 2/3 of his of course. Later we played some ball in the backyard and skated around a bit. He wanted me to do a trick but I kept saying how I didn't want to because I hate falling in front of people. I was in the middle of turning on the skateboard as I said this and of course I fell RIGHT ON MY FACE. oooh it was so funny. I am still in awe of how that happened... now I have a black eye haha. Maybe the funniest part about that, other than that I had a soccer shaped ice pack on my face, was his face at seeing me on the ground. haha he was just in shock and didnt really know what to do hahaha he's a good guy and sat in the shade with me. 30 minutes later we're picking up stuff to go inside and I told him that the only thing that makes me feel better about when dumb stuff happens is that the rest of the time I'm right on key. Of course the ball I threw over to the patio just as I said that hits a rock on the ground and flies right back towards me!! hahaha oh gosh it was just one of those days, ya know? hahahaa Monday will be funny for the rest of our lives...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I had the weirdest dream last night. I was praying and praying for these two little children, siblings, maybe twins, to be healed. They were very poor and lived in an underground sewer and were incredibly sick. I wanted them to be better, I hoped that my faith was strong enough to cure them but I woke up before I could find out. Their names were in some way tattooed/imprinted on their little feet and one of the babies was Una. How on earth could I know this name? I just thought my mind had messed up on naming this kid.


I'm in my English class and we are reading East of Eden where one of the character's names is Una. How could I possibly know that?? I havn't read to that part yet! How is it possible that I dreamed about that name without knowing it before hand and then stumble across it in a book written 60 years ago. Craazzyyy!!!

What does this mean?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lookin Good In My Jeans

I am getting thiner but the scale refuses to acknowledge that! haha Today I weighed in at 190.6 but a few weeks ago I finally was 188. My work out scheduled has gotten screwed up but I'm feeling tons better than I used to. Larlee is really good at encouraging and supporting me in my weight loss journey. She helps me avoid chocolate and congratulates me on eating healthy foods. She's just great! She just said that my jeans look good and I made some comment on how we have the same ones haha. She said, "Kari, its not the jeans, it's you in them!" That made me feel really good. =D

Monday, March 14, 2011

new friends

so these are my new friends! jordan, heather and grace. theyre all in my ward and jordan and grace are new this semester. we went long boarding yesterday and it was so great! i fell pretty bad and scratched myself up, of course, but it was all good. grace, heather and i had a rainy day photo-shoot last week too! these are wonderful people and i cant wait to get to know them better and hang out more! plus jordan is way attractive and sings extremely well and i love that too. =D

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elder Perrys top 4 things to Establishing Christianity

1) Pray
2) Daily Scripture Study
3) Temple Worthiness
4) Daily Acts of Service

I can do tons better on all four of these things. I plan on going with my ward to the Temple this Saturday. On Wednesdays people from my ward go to a Spanish ward to help the kids with their homework and I'm going to start going to that as well. Praying and studying my scriptures are things I need to work on on my own though.